Thursday, June 12, 2014

Writing Toolkit

Group: Tiffany, Kelsey, Autumn 
Our group looked at a writing tool kit at the EATRC. These tools can be used by anyone who is having trouble writing or for someone who may have a learning disability which hinders their writing skills. Some common challenges that these tools can overcome is poor handwriting, understanding grammar and sentence structure.
The least intrusive tool that we saw were  pencil grips and large writing tools, which can be used for support in handwriting. We also had a keyboard that could be used if the student is having trouble with their motor skills and can only press a button. There was also flip books that had grammar and sentence structure practicing to help learn English. There was also a lifted board that had a dry erase section for those students who have physical disabilities.

I can see using pencil grips in an elementary class because helping them gain those fine motor skills and good handwriting is key in school. It is also very cheap and not very intrusive to their learning. With all the colors they come in, I think that they would be motivated to use them if they had to. Another tool I can see people using is the flip books so they can practice their grammar at home or on their free time in the class. This tool is also very low tech and can be individualized to the students needs. 

I think you could add stencils of each letter in the alphabet to help develop those writing skills. And if you had the resources a tablet with writing apps would really help motivate the student to practice their writing and there are a lot more options of how to do that. 

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